New: Fibreflam® Iso 6

First Fire Curtain with 60 Minutes Fire Resistance EI1 60 C2 with CE-marking according to EN 16034 and EN 13241


Highly effective Effertz innovation reduces costs and saves space

The new Effertz Fibreflam® Iso 6 is the first insulating fire curtain of classification EI160 C2 with CE-marking according to the product standard for doors EN 13241 and the fire door product standard EN 16034 implemented by the European Commission on 1st November 2016. The product is placed on the market EU-wide with a Declaration of Performance (DoP) of the manufacturer Effertz Tore and with a CE- marking showing the product to comply with the requirements of the relevant product standards.

The fire curtain meets all safety requirements for doors according to EN 13241 as well as the fire resistance requirements of EN 16034. It is characterised by a combination of respectable insulation and robustness known so far only from fire roller doors and the low weight and space requirements provided by conventional non-insulating fire curtains. The rollable textile curtain expands due to an inside material intumescing in the event of a fire. In cold state the curtain thickness measures only 20 mm, under fire attack it swells to about 70 mm. This is sufficient to resist temperatures of more than 900 °C.

In case of a fire this new insulating fire curtain will repel not only the flames but also cap the average surface temperature rise to 140 °C for at least one hour. So it safely prevents the spread of fire without an expensive sprinkler system. In addition it has proven its robustness by passing a standardized durability test with 10.000 opening and closing cycles successfully.