EI30 Typ Fibreflam® Iso 3


in conformity with EN 1634-1 (av. temperature rise 140°C).Durability of mechanical performance approved for 200.000 cycles.Insulating textile rolling curtain as follows:

  • barrel-coiling insulating curtain made of special high-temperature-resistant fabric and insulating internal strips (European patent granted), which guarantees a good and narrow coiling.

  • A safety contact strip at the bottom of the shutter.

  • Side-guides made of hot-galvanized steel.

  • Non-galvanized steel parts are protected by a single coating of primer.

  • Electrical drive 3/N/PE ~ 400 V 50 Hz as standard. Curtain closing in event of an alarm without electrical power at a controlled speed of approx. 10 - 15 cm/s (self-closing, gravity failsafe operation).

  • Drive chain with a safety factor of 6, below 2,50 m height with chain guard.

  • Safety arrestor in conformity with EN 12604.

  • Release device with internal battery to hold open the curtain even in case of failure of mains power. In case of fire power supply of the drive's holding magnet will be interrupted as soon as a smoke detector responds. The drive brake is released and the curtain closes (gravity failsafe).

  • Optical smoke detectors (2 per 4 m width)

  • Siren that is automatically triggered in case of a fire alarm

  • 1 break glass manual emergency release

  • 1 key contact switch for surface installation, prepared for profile half-cylinder.

  • Self-hold (impulse control) to open, dead man's control to close.