Fire Protecting Stacking Door Firewall® EI30


Effertz Fire Stacking Door type "Firewall® 305"

classification EI30-C5 according to EN 16034

  • Composite lightweight panel, made from fire protective elements. Surface: raw surface of  the fire boards.

  • Safety contact strip at the bottom of the panel (no visible electrical supply cables).

  • Guides with fire protective cover.

  • All steel parts galvanized or protected by a single coating of primer.

  • Electrical drive 3~ 400 V incl. integrated brake with the ability to close the door without electrical power in case of alarm at a limited speed of approx. 10 - 15 cm/s (gravity failsafe).

  • Drive chain with a safety factor of 6.

  • Arrestor system in conformity with EN 12604.

  • Release device with internal battery to hold open the door even in case of failure of main power supply (for up to 4 hours).

  • Optical smoke detectors (2 per 4 m width).

  • Siren that is automatically triggered in case of a fire alarm.

  • Manual emergency release button.

  • Key contact switch for surface installation, prepared for profile half-cylinder.

  • Dead man's control to close.

  • Documentation in English or German on CD-ROM.