Smoke Control Rolling Curtain SC310

Smoke Control Rolling Curtain type SC310,

according to EN 1634-3 (S200 C3 performance criterion fulfilled).

Durability of mechanical performance approved for 50.000 cycles.


For sealing of openings against smoke.

Advantages: low space required and low weight, tested in accordance with EN 1634-3 at 200°C.


      Curtain consisting of a woven reinforced glass fibre fabric, coiling onto a prime-painted steel barrel, with integrated side and lintel sealings.

      Side guides made of hot galvanized steel.

      Sealing of bottom bar by hollow rubber profile.

      Drive: extended features tubular motor, duty ratio 4 %. Opening/closing speed approximately 10 cm/s.

      Control unit with storage battery. In case of power failure the battery will maintain all curtain functions for approx. 4 hours and keep it open. Incl. potential free break contact for remote release e.g. by central fire control unit. Environmental temperature range: 0 up to 40 °C.

      Self closing of the curtain without electric power only by gravity even if the control box is disconnected (gravity failsafe).

      Warning buzzer triggered in alarm case according to EN 12604.

      Incl. optical smoke detectors, 2 per 4 m width.

      Incl. 1 emergency push button (behind glass), yellow housing.

      Up-stop-down foil keyboard, integrated in the control box.

      Documentation in English or German on CD-ROM.



As the curtain may not be opened by hand you might need an additional emergency door.



         Safety edge

         Roller casing made of hot galvanized steel sheet

         Powder painting of visible steel parts

         Stainless steel instead of hot-galvanized steel for visible steel parts